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What Therapy Can Offer You!

Here at Break Through Waves we focus on a different approach to therapy using programming such as yoga and surf therapy.

There is a rejuvenation effect you can experience from the ocean.

What drew me to surfing was not the action of surfing itself, but the feeling I got when I was out in the water. I am surrounded by nature, its peaceful, powerful, and tranquil. Going alone or with others, it creates a state of mind that makes me feel joy and happiness. When I'm in the water, everything else going on in my life fades away, and I'm focused on only what is happening around me.

That is the feeling Break Through Waves hopes to share with others.

Surf therapy provides benefits for people affected with PTSD as it helps alleviate stress and tension levels within the body. Surfing allows you to concentrate on something totally unrelated to your problems. It helps decrease feelings of insomnia, depression, anxiety, as well as increase their view of life.

That feeling you get from catching the best wave of your life is incredible to say the least. Picture it: it's a calm fall morning as the waters let off a soft steam rising from the skyline. After taking the last sip of my morning coffee I opened my car door to grab my board out of my trunk and rushed towards the water. I paddled out easily gliding across the glassy waves unaffected from the wind. From this point it was all about taking in the scenery and what nature had gifted me this morning as I waited for the next set to roll in. This particular day I caught wave after wave, each one a rush of adrenaline but at the same time calming. That feeling alone is why I chase surfing, there is nothing else like it!

We believe that there are great therapeutic abilities in nature and even our own bodies. There is a Netflix film called "Resurface" where veterans with either injury or trauma go surfing. A resonating quote from that is, "surfing is an out to create new pathways, it's a huge surge of dopamine and a natural high. Your body is a pharmacy, you can create an analog to anything that's available from a pharmacist, its neuroscience."

You are welcome to be a part of Break Through Waves programming even if you have little to no experience! If you have never done yoga, surfing, or paddle boarding this can be your time to try. Here is a link to our frequently asked questions. In the 2 hour session, we teach beginner exercises and create a basis of knowledge for mindful meditation.

Take Action! Come experience our programs, tell a friend, or a loved one about our programs. Break Through Waves is all about creating a safe space for adults to live in balance by learning from the ocean. Our program informs and educations you about PTSD and trauma. If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our contact page.

My name is Justin McDermott and I am a marketing intern for Break Through Waves. I am currently an undergraduate at Roger Williams University studying business and psychology. I have been surfing for around 3 years now and found this amazing opportunity to serve my community through a non-profit that happens to reflect my personal interests. I couldn't be more excited about it!

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