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Where are you located?

For Surfing at Easton’s Beach aka First Beach in RI the address is 175 Memorial Blvd., Newport, RI. Please meet us in the west corner of the main parking lot on the surfer’s end of First Beach. You’ll see a large Rhody Surf trailer. 

For Stand Up Paddle Boarding at West Island, Fairhaven, MA-meet at the corner of Goulart Memorial Drive and Alder Street, Fairhaven, MA.

Where do I park?

For Surfing at Easton’s Beach, RI--There is parking and for your session parking is free during your session. You will receive detailed directions on free parking in an email before your session. 

For Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) at West Island, Fairhaven, MA—Park along the street on Goulart Memorial Blvd closest to the intersection of Goulart Memorial Drive and Alder Street.

Does the session cost anything?


Our programming and events are free. 

You'll notice we have services like private yoga lessons, private one on one stand up paddle boarding and group yoga. We charge for those services. The services support our ability to provide our free 1:1 sessions and group programs.   

What should I bring?

Here are the basics- a towel, water, sunscreen and an open mind. Wear a bathing suit.

Should I arrive early?

Make it stress free and arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Leave ample time for traffic to arrive for your session.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

When you sign up for your session you will be prompted to sign a wavier. Be sure to read the entire document before signing it. It requires your electronic signature.

Do you work with children?

No, our program is geared for adults 18 years old or older.

Do we cancel if it’s raining?

Rain or shine we are there. You’re already wet. For lightening, yes, we cancel and notify you immediately. 

When do you do these sessions?

For Surfing-Saturday and Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30 from June to September. Our sessions are in the evening as the crowds at the beach disperse and is a more calm and quiet atmosphere for your session. 

Are there any health requirements?

Please disclose any medical conditions to your Ocean Volunteer during your session. Always consult with your physician or medical professional before starting or attempting physical activity like yoga and ocean therapy.


How long is my session?

Our program is one and a half hours. We will do about 45 minutes of yoga, mindfulness and breathing near the ocean.


Together, we will be in the water for about 45 minutes.  

How is surf therapy or SUP therapy (ocean therapy) different from regular surfing?

We believe in the healing power of the ocean. It’s not about riding the wave.


Ocean therapy is about connecting nature with your mind, body and spirit.

Will you stand on the board? Sure. Maybe you will.  More importantly you will experience the water in a new way.


You will step away from the ocean with clear coping skills to help manage anxiety and PTSD. Many of participants walk out of the water with a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence.

If you are looking for surf instruction and the therapy part just isn’t your thing, head over to Rhody Surf. They can teach you how. 

Read more about surf therapy in our blog.

How are you qualified to do this?

Our in the ocean volunteers are trained in Surf Therapy for Trauma Recovery Level II with Groundswell. Combined, our volunteers have had 35 years of surfing and SUP experience. We are trained and certified in mental health care, coaching and facilitation for well being. Of course, we are trained in CPR, having a safe space is important to us.

Is Ocean Therapy dangerous?

Any activity in the ocean can be dangerous. The ocean is a force of nature that can be unpredictable.


We make this simple and safe. We use soft foam boards and take you to safe areas to surf.


We know the conditions and talk to you about being safe in the water. In the ocean, we are right there with you. And we are CPR certified.

Are there restrooms?

In Newport at Easton’s Beach, there are public restrooms.

In Fairhaven, there are no public restrooms.

I have more questions you didn’t answer. How can I contact you?

Start with an email. You can contact us at

You can call us at 602-677-8275.

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